Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Story!

Lily-Grace has been very interested in Jesus lately and asking me lots of questions, and today she asked me to tell her a story about Jesus. So I told her the story of Jesus bringing the dead girl back to life, thinking it would be a great story to show how much Jesus cares about little girls.
I ended with, "And then she got up and was walking around and Jesus told them to get her something to eat!"

"What was it?"

"What was what?"

"What she ate?"

"Some bread." Sounded good to me.

"Oh! I know a story about some bread!"

"Great! Tell it to me!"

"Once upon a time...they got some bread and dipped it in some juice. The end."

"That was a great story! Why did they dip it in the juice?"

"Well, they didn't have enough juice for everyone to have a drink, so that was the next best thing!" Sounded good to her!

By the way, I found this site called Awkward Family Photo and I submitted one of my all time favorite pictures there. This one:

And the comments were hilarious! My favorite one? At least she won't be laughing at her one-legged dad anymore! HAHAHA! I never even noticed there was only one of Steve's legs showing in the picture before. That is a truly hilarious site, and if you've got the time, spend some time going there and laughing your head off!


  1. I was amazed when I was surfing and this picture appeared. I recognized it instantly!!!!

    you rock!

  2. I am sure Steve has only one leg because he, like me, set the slip and slide up and forgetting that our bodies aren't the same age as our minds....tried the slip and slide and drug his right leg off. I almost broke my hip~and that was YEARS ago when the boys were little. Poor Lily-Grace. That must of hurt or at least shocked her!

  3. I just wanted to tell you that the slip n slide pic is my favorite of the whole Awkward Family Photos site!
    Thanks for posting it.
    -Margaret Newborn