Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I've been doing!

I love making clothes for little girls! These were made for Lily-Grace's preschool teacher's little girls as an end-of-the year present. I always wanted to have 2 little girls I could dress alike, and since that didn't happen, I'll have to make do with other people's kids. I tried to dress the boys alike, but when Levi was about 6, he would complain bitterly about "the match." So, I gave that up to. Lily-Grace still prays for her sister, so I guess there is always hope for a miracle, but I don't mean I want to have another baby. I mean like a child or baby being left on our doorstep. I'd take her. Especially if she was house-broken.
Anyway, I've got to get working on another project that's got to be done by Friday. Why do I always get stuff done for other people, but I still have all these things I want to make for my own family that somehow get pushed to the side? Oh well! I just loved how these turned out, and I wanted to share!


  1. Surely Lily-Grace didn't let these leave the house without a "where's mine?" Those are so cute! love the embroidery font and flowers! You Rock Girl!

  2. These are adorable! Do you have one of those fancy embroidery sewing machines? I'm jealous.